The trick to winning casino baccarat (how to make money/earn and strike)

Eight ways of winning at online casino baccarat

1. Set a maximum limit to spend

According to the rule of thumb of Igawa, the former chairman of Daio Paper Corporation who lost a total of 95 million USD or more at the casino in Macau and Singapore, setting a limit to spend can avoid big losses, he says in his book.

Gamblers especially can easily make reckless bets when they are trying to win back any lost money.

There are cases where such bets can bring about a miracle win, but for those who can easily get addicted, it will connect to reckless bets again..then they may end up losing big until they realise after all.

So, it is important to set up a maximum limit before gambling and if that amount is all surplus funds to your life, then that’s even better.

2. Adjust the bet amount

Baccarat is a game structured for casinos to make money definitely based on probability theory, so if players want to make money on this game, then they need to bet deviating from the system to not get influenced by the house edge (deduction rate) rule.

Basically, it’s important to adjust the bet amount up and down and never make it regular each game, with this method, you don’t have to be caught by the casino’s plan and can trigger getting luck.

3. Decrease the number of bet times

Baccarat is a game made mathematically and it is planned that the more you play the more you lose and so winning rates go down towards the 50% mark the more you play such as over thousands if times, 10 thousand times and 100 thousand times.

For that reason, it’s smart to win and leave a decreasing number of times you bet once you have reached the amount you aimed for.

A trick to making money on it is to take on the game for a short amount of time.

4. Do not give up when keep losing

The well known Japanese high roller, W said this, ‘If you keep losing, it does not matter as long as you win at the end. You will win if you don’t stop playing until you win.’. Baccarat play has a biorhythm type wave, so if you continue losing it means that a wave of wins will eventually come.

This is the same in investment and the principle of ‘anything that goes up must come down, anything that goes down will come back up’ can happen in baccarat and so all the money lost can return in a few minutes, too.

So, it’s not a problem at all if the number of wins becomes lower than the number lost.

Therefore, as per the bet method of baccarat whale W, if you are caught on a losing wave and there’s nothing you can do, change your bet amount to the minimum and continue playing, then once the wave changes to winning mode, you go for it without a doubt.

However, to bet with such superb timing, you kind of need to have experience and intuition from many plays before.

Anyways, whatever you do, whether gambling, working or anything, continuing to try and not giving up may be the trick to winning after all.

5. Take a break

For any games like baccarat, there is a luck mode that is invisible for timing and location.

So, if you got caught in a situation where you can’t win at all after many plays, I recommend to leave the table anyway, take a break and cool yourself down.

Especially, for those players who overheated thinking about their next win as they lost and want to get the money back, they should take a break so that they don’t lose money anymore and can restart again with a cooled down point of view as they will be charged up with the necessary energy.

In the long term, it is important to have a strong mind when you keep losing, but you are allowed to leave the table any time, no one stops you.

Take the advantage of it effectively and take a break, so that you can enjoy playing baccarat for a long time.

6. Bet on the hands that strike in a row

In baccarat, there’s no guarantee whether the next hand will be red or black even after eight times in a row of red the based on law of probability.

Also, the probability of red coming up twice in a row is one in four, so that’s a quarter and three times in a row is one in eight, so that’s one eighth, four times in a row is one in sixteen, so that’s one sixteenth. Basically, the probability of the same hands coming out decreases the more you play.

However we think about the influence of getting luck, a lot of high rollers think that it’s a trick to win going for the option that hasn’t been coming up.

7. Follow the winners

With this method, there’s an aspect of this being difficult online, but you could follow players who have been on a winning streak.

This is understandable for experienced people at a casino on site and it is an effective method as a trick for winning.

8. Use a money management system

Baccarat betting methods vary the bet amount following a certain money management system and bet at a certain magnification and order.

This method is more like a strategy rather than a method of raising the winning rate as you just manage risks as much as possible as you can for your funds.

Of course, using this system does not mean guaranteed wins, so we still can’t change the house edge of the casino over the long term, but it can be said that it’s possible that you may control wins and losses mathematically.

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